Young Carer Testimonial
‘I am very aware that you have always been there for me should I need you and the group. It with many mixed emotions that I can now contact you to say that I will now longer be needing your support. Through your support I have begun to open and grow in confidence.

Today has been an emotional day, with the GCSE results announced, and I have done well considering my mum was in hospital throughout. With these great results, I have gained place at a college in Sussex, which means I can now follow my love of Photography. It also means that I will be leaving Essex, I had great support in this decision from everyone involved.

I'd like to thank you all at Action for Young Carers for the opportunities you have given me, and all the care and comforting words.’

July 2014

Adult Carer Testimonial
‘I joined the Action for Family Carers (AFFC) Chelmsford carers support group in 2005 and have been a carer for 20 years. I was a full-time carer for my wife for 18 years until she passed away in 2011 and was a part-time carer for my mother until she passed away last year.

I regularly attended the monthly group meetings in Chelmsford and found most of the subjects discussed very helpful in my role as a carer. I also met other people who were in similar circumstances to myself and together felt that I was not alone in dealing with the everyday problems associated with caring for a loved one at home.

I feel that AFFC has now become an established and respected body in Mid-Essex, supporting and protecting the rights of carers, especially when dealing with Social Services and the NHS. I found it reassuring to know that whenever I rang the AFFC telephone number during office hours there would always be someone to talk to and not an answering machine. I was pleased that all the money donated by family and friends when my mother died last year was given to AFFC in appreciation for its good work.

Finally, I would like to thank you and all the staff at AFFC for your help over the years.’

Paul, Chelmsford - April 2014

‘I find the club to be extremely enjoyable. I have learnt new skills and made a lot of new friends because of the Young Carers service. I can’t think of any improvements that could be made.’
Andy, Young Carer - July 2011

‘The Young Carers group really helps my son to escape the hard role that is sometimes put on him at home with helping to care for his sister. He has really enjoyed learning new skills, especially the first aid training which helped him greatly in understanding his sister’s many seizures.’
Christine, Parent of a Young Carer - July 2011

‘Just seeing my son having some time away from home, with the chance to have some fun and support helps. It makes me feel reassured that someone cares about him apart from me. The trips are great for him too; he seems happier when he’s been.’
Emma, Parent of a Young Carer - July 2011

Young Carers: Testimonial by Integrated Youth Service, Essex County Council
‘Having worked closely with Action for Family Carers for over a year now they have always been dedicated to working with young carers and providing an excellent, professional service for young people and their families.

The project worker I work closely with is enthusiastic and always happy to try new things at the centre and follow up anything I ask of her. There has been an excellent exchange of information between us regarding the young people, any necessary paperwork, who they care for and any concerns we may both have therefore enabling us to channel our attention to that young person and their individual needs.

Multi agency working has been extremely successful as we all communicate effectively to achieve a common goal. Any issues the young people have are quickly followed up and the young people are reviewed on a regular basis, extra support is given where necessary.
The steady recruitment of young people to the young carers session means that the service is being effectively advertised.

All work is at a high standard and responses are always swift and accurate. I thoroughly enjoy working with Action for Family Carers they are a credit to themselves and the young people they work with, I look forward to building on our relationship for the future.’

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