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Carers are crucial members of society and yet are often overlooked and even hidden away. People are living longer - yet a good quality of life for both the carer and their cared-for is sometimes hard to maintain. Carers may not realize that they can get some help, so they carry on and possibly run the risk of becoming ill themselves.

Our aim is to provide a service that provides support for both the cared-for and their carer.

• The day centre at Brickhouse Farm and the Outreach groups provide a break for a carer in the knowledge that their cared-for is looked after in safe surroundings. Carers will have a chance to make good use of some precious time to themselves, to meet friends, go to the shops, pursue their own interests, to act as individuals rather than as carers.

• Carers are provided with information, assistance and support in order to help them in their caring role, both on an emotional, practical and financial level.

• In some circumstances, a carer may be able to take part time, or voluntary work, in their free time. They will thus be able to make an additional contribution to the community and at the same time improve their own self-esteem and quality of life.

• Respite day care provides a chance for our cared-for to meet other people, to reminisce, to join in some simple games or gentle exercises and to enjoy a healthy lunch. Trained care assistants will be in attendance. Many of our clients suffer from the debilitating effects of loneliness and isolation, in addition to their physical problems, and a day out can have a beneficial effect on their overall well-being.

• The provision of respite day care will give people more chance to be cared-for within the community, and to remain living in their own home. One of our aims is to help service users maintain their independence, individuality and dignity.

• We work closely with other organisations, both statutory and voluntary, so we are able to provide the best opportunities to help people.

If you wish to contact us regarding our services please contact Jayne or Nick on 01621 851640, between 9.00am 4.30pm, Monday Friday. Email:

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